Bahco 4750RCHDW01FF9 41pce Offshore Oil & Gas Training Application Toolkit In Heavy Duty Rigid Case

Sale price£1,950.00


  • Offshore oil and gas training application kit, ready to work at height
  • 30 tools for working at height and 11 accessories for holding and storage
  • TAH8073 adjustable spanners
  • TAH84-PODGER Podger wrenches
  • TAH3640-250-C high-performance alloy steel cold chisels
  • TAH1-143-12-1-2 bastard flat engineers files
  • TAH479-32 ball pein hammer
  • TAH325 professional hacksaw frames
  • TAHBE-9777B 7 folding hexagon L-key set
  • TAH2820EF2 folding pocket knife
  • TAHBFRL11 head torch
  • TAHPINRELEASER tools for working at height release tool
  • TAH380-14 aluminium pipe wrenches
  • TAH2101G-140 side cutters
  • TAH2628G-180 combination pliers
  • TAH2855 wire twisting pliers
  • TAH2958-250 mole grips
  • TAH2484-30 pry bars
  • TAH3734BM-8 punch set, parallel pin
  • TAHSCB140G steel cable cutting scissors
  • TAHBE-8257 slotted screwdrivers
  • TAHBE-8602 Phillips screwdrivers
  • TAH16B-19 and TAH16B-11/16 1/2" drive non-impact sockets
  • TAH16-H8 alloy steel socket driver bit
  • TAH8150-1/2 socket wrench
  • TAH8158B-1 breaker bars
  • TAH7455-300-1 torque wrenches
  • TAH1949M-14-17 double open end spanners
  • 4750RCHDW01 internal bag

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