Bahco 1472K7BKFF21SD 415pce Foam Inlay Tool Kit in E72 7 Drawer Roller Cabinet

Sale price£1,499.98


Professional quality 7 drawer general maintenance toolkit complete with 415 tools including sockets, spanners, screwdrivers, bits, adjustables and hacksaws. The large capacity heavy duty trolley has a double wall frame that protects the slides and drawers from crashes, while reinforcement helps reduce stress in certain parts of the trolley. It also features rounded, shock absorbing corners and long ball bearing slides with fully opening drawers and click closing.
• Rubber wheels ensure maximum stability
• Easy to manoeuvre, even on irregular surfaces
• Strong and secure round locking system protects the tool trolley against theft
• Scratchproof powder coating outside and inside assures a high protection against rust

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